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Hubei Qixng Show High Morale After the Spring Festival
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  After the end of the Spring Festival holiday, office workers have been returned jobs, start a new year's struggle. In the first three days of the festival, Qixng production workshop has emerged faction busy scene, the production staff quickly "full of blood resurrection",into the intense work, show Qixng toward new journey courageously along the morale of excitement.



  In the liquid tank production workshop, we can see the production line staff are engrossed in busy work, production equipment and orderly operation,we show the highly motivated, cutting, welding, spraying, assembly processes, such as orderly a. We can see in the liquid tank welding lines,sets of aluminum alloy tank in the pipeline neatly arranged, the workers are in their respective station busy. Quality control personnel at the scene iscareful inspection of product process and each process do strictly.

  In order to ensure the production schedule, production department reasonable to arrange a time to the postganglionic rapid resumption of production work,to ensure timely delivery of orders, quality and quantity to complete production task.

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