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Founded in 1951, China Qixing Group is a state-owned shareholding enterprise which contains 15 branches covering vehicle tanker and cabin production, PV solar Poly/Mono silicon and panels, chemicals, logistics, hotel, hydro power station, CNG station, etc. With all design, production facilities, Qixing tanker and cabin products have been supplied to main China vehicle manufactuer, transportation companies and exported to America, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Iran, Laos and other countries. In 2015, Qixing Group turnover is 1.5 billion USD, with 4000 employees. 

Affliated Companies of Qixing Group

Qixing Vehicle cabin manufacturing Co., Ltd    www.hbqx.com.cn

Qixing Vehicle Tanker Co.,Ltd                            www.qixingauto.com, http://en.hbqxtc.com

Benxing Chemicals Co.,Ltd                            www.hbbenxing.com

Jingxing PV Solar Technology Co.,Ltd                                   www.hbjxkj.com.cn

Qixing Lake Hotel                                                         www.qxhhotel.com

Hanxing RV Caravan manufacturing Co.,Ltd                  www.hbqxtc.com

Yaoxing International Trading Co.,Ltd              www.qixingauto.com