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Aluminum Alloy 3 axle 46CBM Fuel tanker semi-trailer


Main Dimensions

Overall Length:       12300mm

Overall Width:         2500mm

Overall Height:       3820mm

GVW:                      40000KG

Curb Weight:          7000KG

Loading Weight:     33000KG

Loading Capacity:  46CBM 

Tanker Size:           11740mm*2500mm*2015mm


Tank Body

Shape:  Mono block cylinder 

Total Volume( m3):   46CBM

Tanker Body Material:  Aluminum Alloy 5083

End plate:  Aluminum Alloy 5083

Lifting ladder:    Including Top walkway and backside Aluminum material

Manhole cover:   Aluminum alloy API manhole cover with oil and gas recovery system

Bottom Valve:   1set

Discharging valve :  1set

Discharging Pipe:   4" rubber hose, 2pc, 6m long


3axle 46000liter Trailer

General Information
Name Unit Specification model
Loading medium   Gasoline
Volume m3 46
External dimension(LxWxH) mm 12300*2500*3750
Curb weight kg 7000
King Pin Height mm /
Front/Rear overhang mm 1650/1440
Wheelbase mm 6500+1350+1350
Wheel distance mm 2040
Landing gear location(from the king pin) mm 2420
Saddle/ Fifth wheel height(Unload) mm /
Vehicle Weight(KG)
Vehicle maximum payload kg 40000
Vehicle curb weight kg 7000
Vehicle design loading weight kg 33000
Vehicle maximum allowable payload kg 31234
Unit volume payload t/m3 0.679
Fifth wheel rated load weight kg 30000
Fifth wheel full load weight kg 16000
Maximum axle payload kg 24000
Tank Body
Name Unit Specfication model
Volume m3 46
Compartments pcs 3
comparment volume m3 12.98+12.98+20.04
Shape   Ellipses
Material Tank 5083 H11 t=6mm
Dish ends 5083 0     t=7.2mm
Bulkhead&Wash Board 5083 0     t=7.2mm
Running gear
Name Brand Specification model
Landing gear JOST A400
King pin JOST KZ1412 90# King pin
axle BPW HSM12010-16ECO
suspension BPW HSMSLM12010ECO 3 axles single tire, air suspension
tire Bridgestone 425/65R-22.5

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