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1.5 Ton electric truck
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  Electric Truck (1500kgs)
Model QX5032EV
Electric System   
Motor 36KW
Battery Lithium battery 58kwh
Technical Information  
Passenger Number 2 persons 
Max. Speed  100km/h
Range per charging (fully-loaded vehicle moving on a flat-level road at a fixed speed of 20km/h   >60km
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 3.2
Max. braking distance at a speed of 20km/h ≤4m
Max. Climbing Capacity (loaded)  20%
Max. Loading Capacity 1500kgs
Gross weight 3900kgs
Overall Dimensions  5330 x 1740 x 2020mm
Other Specifications  
Instruments on dashboard Combination instrument including power consumption, voltage, current, speed, mileage, time, light, F/R switch, and signal.
Rear view mirror 1pc on each side
Lighting system Headlight, turn lights, taillight, horn and reverse buzzer
Seats High quality of artificial leather
Switch assembly Combination switch including Power kety, Light and wiper combination switch, F/R switch and reverse buzzer switch
Drive Mode 2 rear wheel drive, motor on rear axle (stepless)
Braking System 4 wheel hydraulic brake, hand brake
Front axle and suspension Front axle with leaf spring
Rear axle and suspension Integral rear axle, coil spring non-independent suspension, hydraulic shock absorber tube
Steering System Rack and pinion drive
Tire  steel wheel, tire 4.00-8
Body  Steel frame + fiberglass  
Floor Non-slip floormat



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