Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

42600L Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer
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General Information
External dimension(LxWxH):12300*2500*3900mm
Compartments:3pcs, optional
Material:Tank body 5454  t=5.5mm    End plate/Washboard  5454   t=6mm
Running gear
Landing gear:JOST A400
King pin: JOST KZ1412 90# King pin
axle: BPW HSM12010-16ECO
suspension: BPW,HSMSLM12010ECO,3 axles single tire, air suspension
Manhole and Discharging Valve: OPW & CIVACON
Vapor Recovery System
Rim: 9.00-22.5

1)USA ASME,Europe ADR and ISO3834 certificates
2)Liquid bulk transport:fuel,chemicals,petroleum,vegetable oil,etc
3)All welding equipment are from France Saf-Fro, Austria Fronius and American Kemppi
4)Main safety parts by OPW, Civacon, Jost, WABCO, BPW, and other world brand.
5)Welding operators have ISO9606-2 license issued by TUV.

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